Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go to Camp!! an essay by the Chewy Kid

The Chewy Kid wrote this essay. We told him he needed to write a persuasive essay - and he totally ran with the topic and main points. He did have some minor editing help. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. We are also excited about the message he is sharing - Going to summer camp is a great rite of summer for kids - and many never get the chance to go. If you are looking for a camp for your child this summer - be sure to check out
http://www.campparents.org/ for more information on finding the right camp for your child.

Go to Camp!!

by Joe Cackler - 9 year old experienced day and overnight camper

Have your kids ever wanted to go to camp? This is your lucky day! This essay will tell you the answer. Read on to find out why!

Sometimes, all the time if the staff are good staff, your kids will have fun. When I go to camp, one way I have fun is horseback riding. If your kids have fun, they are happy. You all like your kids to be happy right? Well, I hope so! You may be thinking, “What does my child get besides happiness?” Skills! Read on to find out more.

If you go to the right camp, your kids will learn new skills. One I learn is acting. Your kids may also learn horseback riding, knots or archery. You may be thinking “what do I get?” a break! Read on.

Ever think “I need a break!?” If you are a stay-home parent, sending your kid to camp will give you a break. (This is for parents that are home in the summer too!) The aftermath: “aaah! I can relax today! aaah!” Still need a break? You can sign your kids up for multiple days and overnight for even more relaxing!

Parents: “You can go to camp this summer.”
Kids: “Yeah!!!!”
Well, I hope you now know why you should send your kids to camp: They have fun, learn new skills and you get a break! That wraps things up, so please send your kids to camp.

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  1. Okay, so I know I am WAY LATE in posting on this one, but I think it is fabulous!!! What a great topic for him to choose to write about. He did a great job!!