Thursday, February 10, 2011

Re-using and Remembering

Mr. Chewy loves notebooks and pens -- it doesn't matter what size - he likes to always have something handy to jot down a quick note, or a nice journal to encourage writing. He has always liked "build your own" systems, custom creating systems to fit his needs. He recently bought a Levinger punch to create his own custom notebooks. He also began cleaning house and decluttering. We save WAY too much stuff - especially from vacations. Using some of our "Key to the World" cards, he created these mini-notebooks perfect for jotting little reminders, lists, and such. Our vacation memories will literally be in our hands every day. Pretty cool.


  1. Wow - I haven't blogged about it yet and my wife beats me to the punch (hehe - that's a joke).

    Although the punch I picked up on Ebay wasn't cheap, it's great for just these kind of things. And I used up some old notecards as well. So, it was a win/win.

    And I get to use my "Key to the World" card every day. Can't wait to swap out one for my upcoming trip!