Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is buying local?

I've been thinking a lot about buying local lately. I do enjoy patronizing local small businesses. There is something about going into a small shop and visiting with the owners/workers, and hearing their passion for the products that makes shopping more fun.
It is easy to think of the small simple storefront as buying local -- I of course like Little Padded Seats, Mr. Chewy seems to be fond of Quill and Nib.

Then I start thinking about "area" owned businesses. For example, I do the vast majority of our grocery shopping at Fareway. Although it is a chain, it is an Iowa company, and they do carry a lot of Iowa products. I think, at least in my mind - this is a more "local" choice that going to the "Super Center" to get my groceries. But what about franchises with local owners? What is "local" business anymore?

I enjoy shopping locally and visiting smaller shops whenever possible. This is also very true in dining out - nothing like that local gem - (Flarah's is nice and close to the office!) and Nan's Nummies beats the super center bakery any day!

What is shopping local to you? What are some of your favorite "local" businesses?

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