Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Five - Cloth Diapering Accessories - 2nd try

Apologies to those that got my "oops I hit the wrong button" post last night let's try again!

In no particular order

Cloth Wipes - We had been gifted a few cloth wipes and a LOT of baby washcloths -and realized pretty quickly that since we were washing diapers anyway... We have since supplemented with more and have realized that cloth wipes are GREAT for the "big messes" I can have them as wet or dry as I'd like and we're good to go! These will be great for washcloths or clean-ups when we are done with diapers!

Wipe Solution - I started out by making my own solution just using a bit of baby wash mixed with water. I stopped into Little Padded Seats one day when the Chewy tot had developed a very minor rash asking about possible solutions and had the Baby Bum Drops recommended. They have been great! They may seem a bit expensive at first ($12 for a box) but it makes about 50 cups of wipe solution. I'm still on my first box I purchased last November. Whether you purchase or make your own, we keep some in a spray bottle to either spray on wipes or right on the bum, and I always keep a few that are wet (but not dripping) in a plastic container ready to go for the big messes. I'm really thinking about adding a small bottle of this solution to our travel first aid kit.

Wet Bag - The key to cloth diapering on the go! Wet bags have a traditional cloth outside, but are lined with PUL or another waterproof fabric on the inside. The dirties (and any dirty clothes) can get zipped up in a wet bag and the rest of the diaper bag stays clean! On laundry day - they just get emptied into the washer and the wet bag gets thrown in too - easy enough! They also get used for trips to the pool/beach. Can also work in reverse if needed -- you can put items inside to keep them dry! I would also think this would be pretty handy even if you don't cloth diaper as a place to keep those wet clothes after a leak or mealtime mess.

Stuffins -The Chewy tot is a heavy wetter. I added some terms like "double stuffed" and "triple stuffed" to our pocket diaper vocabulary pretty quickly. I'm sure there will be a whole post on this someday - but items we have shoved in the pockets include the traditional stuffins like microterry inserts, hemp ovals, loopy do's and super do's - and some non-traditional choices - microfiber automotive towels, Dollar store "sham-wows" , and cheap old school cloth diapers.

Diaper Friendly Rash Cream - Traditional diaper creams can really wonk up a cloth diaper. Their job is to repel wetness and that is exactly what they cause cloth diapers to do! Helpful tip we didn't do - get it BEFORE the first major rash. There will be one, and another, and another. We use Grandma El's and it works great - no liners needed.

For those of you familiar with Cloth Diapering, you may notice a glaring omission here... no diaper sprayer. Our toilet was not sprayer friendly, and before we had the chance to adapt it - we realized we had adapted just fine. Any waste that doesn't "flip" into the toilet gets scraped off with a re-used plastic spoon (don't worry, this is it's only purpose!) And this seems to be working fine for us so far.

What did I miss?

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