Monday, September 27, 2010

Mish Mash Monday - September 27

Today is Family Day - A day to eat dinner with your Children. We really do try to make eating dinner as a family a priority. Yes, it's usually cheaper and healthier - but more importantly, we get to catch up on the day and what's going on with everyone. Ironically enough, I have to work tonight... However, we are able to eat as a family most nights of the week, and if someone is gone, those at home still sit down at the table for the meal.

As for other unique holidays - it's also National Crush a Can Day - I guess that is more exciting when you live someplace where there is not a deposit for pop/soda cans.

OK, just in case you didn't know, my favorite TV show is "The Amazing Race" Just in case you missed the premier of the new season - you can catch the episode on the Amazing Race page at If you haven't been there before, they actually have clips each week from "Elimination Station" Where the eliminated teams hang out for the duration of the race.

Found another song that makes the Chewy Tot smile when he's crabby - so glad we have another option besides "Winnie the Pooh" now!


  1. Mahna Mahna! One of my very favorite Sesame Street songs. Nothing wrong with Pooh songs either.

  2. Love The Amazing Race, too! Way back when, my husband and I sent in an application & video for AR, but we have decided we're too normal to be selected. :)

  3. Carma - I remember singing Mahna Mahna with you at camp at a party night at one point. I think we were using pizza as puppets.

    Margaret - great point on selection, we had talked about trying to submit an application, and then had our surprise pregnancy! I think we are too normal too.