Friday, January 7, 2011

Free For all Friday - Garbage Limits

This community in Canada is limiting the amount of garbage you can dispose of without paying an extra fee. Right now, I think our family would be ok and this wouldn't affect us at all. There is an exception if you have more than one child in disposable diapers, however, should there be? It is a choice. Cloth diapers are certainly a viable option - and why they wouldn't be forcing people to use cloth, they would pay the extra fee for the garbage as opposed to those of us who are using less landfill space.

Find the article here:

What do you think?


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  2. It seems counterproductive to provide an exemption for disposable diapers. If the statement in the article that diapers are the biggest component of landfills besides recyclables IS TRUE, why would you enable the same level of usage?

  3. Totally agree Margaret. Regardless of the statement - they are creating garbage, the goal is to reduce garbage and there are viable alternatives available. I'm not saying people can't use disposable diapers, but they should have to pay for the disposal of them if they exceed their garbage "allotment".