Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Diaper Rash Remedy follow up

It's been three weeks since the diaper rash remedy of burnt (or is it burned?) flour was posted. (Original post here.) I'm happy to report that the Chewy Tot is all healed over - a few scars - but they should fade in time. We had a regular well-child visit at the family doctor this week, and he had never heard of the flour trick - but that it appeared to do the trick, and was fine with it. (Of course, I still would have used it regardless, I mean, what can it hurt, and well, it WORKED!)
The biggest issue was coming up with a place to store the flour, so it was easy to use, and stayed clean. While shopping at Kmart the other day - Mr. Chewy came across this beauty:

It's a flip top shaker, with large enough holes for the flour - and you can use it one handed. There is a button to press to flip it open, and you can press it again to close it. For $2.99 it was an easy investment to make as well. My favorite part is there isn't the flour mess in the changing area - and because it's easier to target, you use less, so I haven't worried about using diaper liners! For those of you that do cloth diaper, I haven't had any problems yet with repelling or issues with my cloth. So an inexpensive, cloth diaper safe, effective treatment -- sounds pretty Chewy to me!

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