Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday 5 -- Regifting!

I've been thinking about Christmas and gifts quite a bit lately (naturally!). Every year I ponder the following question.... is it ok to re-gift?

The more I think about it - YES! it is ok to regift. Why?

It was a gift - As a rule, gifts come without strings. It is yours to do with as you wish. Let me clarify - the vast majority of the gifts I receive - I use - I don't re-gift a lot. Most of the items I have regifted are random items I have acquired through "grab bag" type exchanges -- not directly from family or friends.

Move it on! I don't mean in that "white elephant" gift sort of way - but you know you have them, those gifts you've received, you aren't sure what/when you will ever use it - but it's too nice to let languish on the shelf. Do you know someone who will appreciate it? Actually use it?

It's the right item for the occasion. You are not going to see a random gift that doesn't "fit" because it's in my closet. I might regift for a grab bag exchange, or if it is to a specific person, it is because it is a great fit. I'm pretty sure some of the baby items we received when the chewy tot was born were re-gifted - does it mean any less? Nope. They were unused items that maybe were for the wrong season for the gifters baby (or they got multiples of the same toy). The gifter gave me a useful item and I will use it, and pass on a heartfelt thanks.

Save resources. Isn't re-gifting the epitome of reduce, reuse and recycle? Instead of sitting in a landfill, it's sitting in your closet/basement/ there much difference?

It's frugal. Ok, I almost didn't use this one -- but I think with explanation, it's ok, it's not CHEAP, it's frugal. I don't think this is the mail reason to re-gift - however it's a nice by-product. I don't know about you, but I like to give gifts, especially meaningful gifts. If I can give more gifts and share with more people because I haven't spent as much money...I think that is a good thing. Again, I think this only qualifies if it a meaningful gift -- I'm not sure my brother would appreciate a large bottle of flowery bubble bath, but he might like a comedy dvd or movie tickets that I probably won't use.

Is re-gifting for everyone? Probably not. Do I announce which gifts have been re-gifted? Nope. I never re-gift home-made gifts, that is a totally different situation. I have just decided I will no longer feel guilty for occasionally re-gifting.

Honestly, the majority of the gifts we give are purchased or made for the occasion, re-gifting is just something that happens on occasion. If you've received a gift from me, was it re-gifted? Does it really matter?

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  1. I am good with re-gifting for some of the same reasons. My only problem is that you do need to remember from whinst you got said gift and not give it back to the same person. Even sometimes being careful not to give it to someone in that same group. (ie - supervisor gives me pig coffee mug. Do not turn around and give the next year to other co-worker - especially in your same department. Awkward.)
    I got regifted a set of candles from my step-MIL. (yes, she told me.)

    I even found out that people remember the wrappings that they use. I had a nice gift box downstairs that I used to "wrap" my gift for bookclub. Amused one of the gals who remembered using that box for our gift exchange last year. (her sister got the box with my gift.)

    I think if you KNOW that your friend/co-worker/whomever really likes something, then it is cool. If it is just being re-gifted because you don't want to go out and buy something, I am sure it will end up back in your house somehow. LOL