Friday, December 10, 2010

Mish Mash Monday - crazy busy

I've been a bit busy the past week - and this week is looking pretty similar - so it may be pretty quiet in the post department - although here are a few things I've discovered over the past week I wanted to share.

I stumbled across the "Cheap Healthy Good" blog this week. Some great ideas and recipes for stretching the food budget. All presented with some humor.

Remember the CBS Eye on Parenting episode about 6 weeks ago that was supposed to compare cloth to disposable diapers? If you follow cloth on Facebook or blogs you definitely heard about this one sided report that in the brief mentions of cloth spoke about "pins and plastic pants" Well, the reported accepted a 30 day challenge using cloth on her son. Find out how it turned out here, and see the follow up segment she had to push her producers to do for the show!

As for the video...I suppose this could be a wordless one :) It's probably my favorite secular "Winter Song" and this arrangement is by far my favorite. Sit back and head back to the John Williams days of the Boston Pops.

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  1. Every time we see a vehicle with a Christmas tree strapped to the top (yes, every time), I start humming this song. What a great clip! It has to be the best version around.