Monday, December 20, 2010

Mish Mash Monday

In the "obscure National 'Holiday'" realm, today is both National Games day and National Sangria day. Two totally different things that I really enjoy - and don't enjoy often enough. So have a glass and play a round or two of one of your favorite games to celebrate both.

This past week we battled croup with the Chewy Tot. When I recognized that barking seal sound, I went straight to This is my absolute favorite resource for questions about the tot's health, ideas for treatment, and at what point to call the family doctor. This is also where I found the best information and a simple, printable chart for introducing solid foods. Oh, and the tot is doing much better! (Although he was nice enough to share with Mom and Dad.)

For those of you that think Marching Band is the best part of the game, time to see the Marching Band become part of the game!

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