Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday 5 - Gift Wrapping

If you are like me - you are realizing it might be time to wrap your Christmas gifts. We bought some paper this year - but I've been thinking, and trying to be more creative with how I wrap items. If I'm going to spend the money on a bag or wrapping, why shouldn't it be useful as well? Here are a few (ok, 5 - it is Friday after all!) ideas of items that either I, or I have seen used as successful gift wrap!

Reusable shopping bags - This is probably the most used "wrapping" I have ever received. Sturdy, nice sized, and available about anywhere for $1. Can't beat that!

Cloth Napkins (dishtowels, etc.) - A lot of colors and patterns available! Perfect for smaller gifts - may have to check out the after Christmas sales for some cool patterns!

Receiving Blankets - I've seen baby gifts tied up in these - very cute and useful. Maybe not so much for Christmas (except for babies) but very cute for Baby Shower's or new arrivals!

Plastic Totes - Great for kids toys, especially ones that will need something to contain them afterwards (Legos, Blocks, or Hot Wheels anyone?). There are a lot of colored totes available in a variety of sizes, or if you use a clear tote, a piece of scrap fabric as an inside liner can make it opaque.

Re-use a gift bag! - We have a stash of paper gift bags in our closet. Granted - most of them are from baby gifts, with a few birthday and Christmas bags mixed in there. There are a few in there that have gone away and come back again, nothing wrong with that!

I will admit - we do have some wrapping paper here, that will get used for gifts. But I'm hoping to do more planning ahead in the future, and present gifts in a re-usable, practical wrapping.

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