Friday, July 2, 2010

Family Friday - We're going to the zoo!

Or maybe I should say we are going to the ZOOS and MORE!
This summer we decided to purchase a membership to our local Zoo - Blank Park Zoo. I knew that this summer I'd want to take to boys out and about more since I wasn't working full time. I was also a bit nervous about paying admission, not knowing if we'd have a baby meltdown (or Mommy meltdown!) and would rather do shorter trips more often. Taking this into account, and the fact that we were looking at trips out of town a couple of times over the summer that would include visits to their local zoos - we decided to purchase a Family Plus Membership to the Blank Park Zoo. Our membership not only gives our family admission to the Blank Park Zoo, but we are allowed to bring up to 2 guests on each visit, and we have reciprocal admission (or discounts that is usually 1/2 price admission) about 200 other zoos and aquariums throughout the US. We have already used the discount for Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo on the Chewy Kid's Birthday trip.

We also chose to add a membership to Living History Farms - a local living history museum. We are looking forward to going to an 1875 rules baseball game, and feel like it will be a great way for the Chewy Kid to see and experience a lot of the concepts he'll be learning in Iowa History next year. Grandpa and Grandma are also looking forward to being our "guests" on some of our trips here. With so many special events, I'm glad we don't have to pick which events to go to. Two trips with our family, and our membership will be paid for - and we can bring guests too.

I'll admit it, the Blank Park Zoo is not a huge zoo - but it is a great facility for the Des Moines area with a variety of exhibits. The Chewy Tot enjoyed watching the penguins - they made him laugh. They chewy kid had the opportunity to ask some questions of a zookeeper working with the servals, and as a budding photographer is able to get some great practice with his camera skills.

Although the memberships to both Living History Farms and Blank Park Zoo are a bit of an investment for our frugal family. I know we will be encouraged to get out and bring others along to these great local resources. They are also resources that I think are a great asset to our metro area, and am glad we are able to help support these cultural and educational non-profit institutions, and I'm looking forward to spending a bit of extra time at both over the next year.


  1. You need to come try it out at the Cincinnati Zoo. It is a fabulous zoo, and I know a great place you guys can stay. ;)

  2. Thanks Eric! I hear it's a great park.