Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Talk back Tuesday

I have not had a chance to do a review this week - so I'm taking a tip from Mr. Chewy's blog - and we're having a "Talk-back Tuesday" instead. Of course, this involves participation from you please!

So, tell me, what is at least one of your (or your family's) favorite summer activities?


  1. 1) Eating Iowa sweet corn
    2) Grilling anything
    3) Geocaching

  2. Sitting on the deck in the morning with my coffee and just listening to the birds.
    Playing in the sprinkler (when my son was younger)
    Grilling steak, eating tomatoes and sweet corn on my birthday in August

  3. Grilling. Long walks at night. Planting flowers. Frisbee golf. Making homemade ice cream. Eating outside.

  4. meatfest of course!!! grilling, all the fresh fruits & veggies ( i know , not an activity, but definitely one of the best things of summer), & of course- porch sitting!! what about you mrs. chewy?? mike

  5. Going to the park, or the zoo, or the pool. Playing in the baby pool in our backyard.
    Of course, our annual summer trip to Iowa!

  6. We love geocaching too! and Mike - I think fresh fruit and veggies is practically an activity.
    Also going to the Zoo and Living History Farms and the boys love anything with water!
    And yes, porch sitting at Grandpa's.

  7. When I lived in Texas, one of my favorite things to do was to go to the Berry Farm and pick tons of blueberries and blackberries to snack on for days and bake with.

  8. Camping! Baseball! and Reunions!

  9. Nancy and Sarah, those are all great too! I wish we could pick blueberries close - but I'm just happy to have them both affordable, and more tasty in the summer so I can eat them almost every day! Love watching baseball as well - Miss having the MN Twins local to be able to go to games, but still love the sport. And camping, well, gotta love it.