Saturday, July 10, 2010

Simple Saturday and Sunday - Turn it up (or down)

This week I decided to "Turn it up" The thermostat that is. I wondered what difference raising the temperature on the air conditioning would have. so I raised it a total of 4 degrees during the day and 2 degrees at night - we are now at a constant 78. I realize it will take awhile to see what the effect is on our energy use and billing, but I feel like I did something that did not have a drastic effect on our way of life. I'm also hoping to turn down the heat a bit in the winter, although we do keep that on the cool side compared to most already (between 62 - 66).

The verdict -- I'm ok with it - Mr. Chewy thought it was a bit stuffy last night and went to check the thermostat to see what it was at, and it turns out the batteries were dead - once we replaced that, we were good to go.

I challenge you to bump your thermostat for the summer up - even just a degree and see how it goes. And when the weather is nice - turn it off and open the windows.

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  1. I have our thermostat set to go up to 80 over night, and it's usually at 74/75 during the day when I am home (80 when we're not or gone for long periods), I can't handle it much warmer :/