Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home Cold remedy check in

It's been five days, so I thought I would check in regarding the home remedies I have been trying since Tuesday. (original post here)

Raw Garlic - Went fine the first day or so, by day 3 - it was like the 3rd day of cough medicine, even the thought of taking and chewing the clove made me shudder. I felt like I smelled of garlic. However, I stuck with it. Whatever it did to the breastmilk, the chewy tot did not seem to mind.

Special "tea" of hot water, honey, lemon, cider vinegar and cayenne - Didn't taste nearly as bad as one would think. I drank about 5-6 cups worth each day starting Monday evening through Friday, and am having a mug tonight (Saturday) before bed. It really clears the sinuses and soothes the throat.

But, what you want to know.... did it work?

Well, about 95% of the time, any cold I get ends up in my chest and into full blown bronchitis. I can tell I'm getting better, and believe (and hope!) I am past and have avoided that stage this time. I feel like the combination of the garlic and tea worked at least as well if not better than traditional over the counter cold meds. I have no scientific proof, but I know that is all I've done differently. I do know that I will definitely give it a go again next time I have a cold.

I am not 100% back up to par yet - but as mentioned, believe I'm on my way there. As I would with OTC meds - I'll start easing up on the remedies unless I feel the symptoms worsening again.

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