Monday, August 23, 2010

Mish Mash Monday - catching up

Ok, it's been a rough couple of weeks - the cold came back, only this time it was bronchitis - so a trip to the dr. was necessary. Now that we're on the mend - I'm hoping to get back into the blog swing and get back to posting at least 3-4 days a week.

So here is a quick catch up of interesting things:

Des Moines Sidewalk Chalk Flood: Looking for something cool to do in Des Moines with the family this Saturday? Bring your ideas and creativity, chalk is provided - Downtown at the Western Gateway Park. I'll be looking for you!

If you are trying to cut back on your Fast Food purchases - or even if you just should - you should check out this post from Mr. Chewy's blog. I think I need to paste a few of these facts to the dashboard in my car! We eat a LOT less that we did a few years ago - but could trim it back even more.

How about 5 Super Cheap Green Items Everyone Should Own? The list is over a year old, but a great starting point for anyone - although I'd go as far as to say you should own AND use them. Living in a condo - we have a drying rack instead of clothesline, but I will admit to not using it as much as I should.

For those of you with e-book readers check out this great site ( is updated with the free book offerings. They post with the newest offers first, so it's an easy way to check in once a week or so to make sure you have the opportunity to "buy" any of the free books that may be of interest to you. I've had my Kindle since February and have yet to pay for a book, and have been able to get a great variety of free books.

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