Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Try-it Tuesday - Flip Diapers

Ok, it's been awhile since I've done a diaper post - so it's definitely time right? As we're preparing to go on our first vacation with the Chewy Tot this fall, we starting thinking about what we wanted to do for diapers. I love our Smartipants pocket-diapers (you can read more here) but could not see us able to effectively wash them on the trip. I had heard too many negative things about using resort/cruise laundry facilities for diapers due to the shorter wash cycles. I'm also concerned about using disposables on the Chewy tot due to not only the thought of all those disposables, but also, didn't want to risk a negative skin reaction to the chemicals, especially since he is not used to them. I was intrigued by some of the hybrid systems out there - gDiapers, Flip and GroVia are the "big 3" gDiaper inserts are available to be delivered to our cruise ship - and as a bonus -- They are flushable/compostable. I liked the colors and the look of the Flip diaper covers though.
So I went into Little Padded Seats to ask about hybrid systems and got my hands on the ones they carry, the Flip diapers. Since these would be going in my stash for regular cloth use as well, I wanted something that would enhance my current collection. I immediately fell in love with the Flip Diaper with the organic insert. Very soft and absorbent, great traits for my heavy wetter. The moonbeam color is also a great bold blue color. I purchased a day pack (2 covers, 6 inserts) and home we went. I got them washed up and into the rotation.
As a straight "cloth" diaper, I really do like the Flip. In fact, for the price, if they had been available and I had been aware of them when creating my initial stash - I'm pretty sure it would have been about half Flip. They are easy to use, affordable, and I haven't had a leak yet. I really like the way they fit and because of the absorbency of the organic cotton, they really are pretty trip for a cloth diaper. For those that have not used a cover and insert - the insert is folded and lays right inside the liner. For regular "wet" diapers and minor poops, you just pull out the insert and lay a new one in the cover. If the liner gets really wet or poopy, you just wash it like you would an all-in-one or pocket diaper. Minor spill or leakage, just wipe it down with a wipe, and you are ready to go again.
Flip also makes disposable inserts, but to be fair, I have not used them, as they were out of stock everywhere I checked for them. I am able to buy gDiaper flushable inserts locally, so I gave them a try. I had used one or two of them here or there with success. I did have to read up on how to properly flush a diaper, you do have to tear the sides of the insert and shake the middle into the toilet - but really, not a big deal, and I really don't get gross or messy. This past week, we were battling a bit of diaper rash, and I needed to bring on some harder hitting rash cream, and since diaper rash treatments and cloth diapers don't get along well, I decided it was a great time to "test drive" extended use (2 days) of the disposable inserts. They worked great, cleaned up easy, and I even "practiced" hand washing the Flip cover and having it dry overnight in the bathroom - and it all went beautifully. Mr. Chewy and I now think we are set to operate this way for our fall vacation. We do think we will need to step up to a total of 4 covers to make it easier, and be a bit more prepared for any "messes".
So, for the Try-it Tuesday Verdict(s)

What I like about Flip Diapers:
  • Choice of inserts
  • Organic Cotton is very absorbent and soft. Only diapers we have that don't need to be "doubled"
  • Cover is "one size" so can be adjusted as he grows - seems to have more room for growth than our one size diapers
  • Can use the covers for cloth or "disposable" inserts - a multi-tasker!
  • Much trimmer than our pocket diapers
  • Other disposable inserts fit and can be used, giving you more flexibility on the road.
  • Affordable (average about $10/"diaper" with using one cover for 2-3 changes) Great for an organic diaper
  • It holds it all in!
What I'm not so crazy about with Flip Diapers:
  • Their disposable inserts have been hard to come by - and as far as I can tell, are not flushable, although you could probably compost them
  • very limited color options
  • the inserts do shift a bit - still no leaks, but that means pretty much any poop requires a change/wash of the liner
  • Organic Cotton does stain
What makes Flip Diapers a good "Chewy Granola" choice
  • The option for "disposable" inserts for when cloth is not a realistic option
  • The liner/insert option is less expensive than all-in ones or pocket diapers
  • Still easy enough for most anyone to use
Overall we have been very happy with our Flip Diapers. We've had them and used them heavily in the rotation for about 2 months now, and I'm happy to have an option for extended travel that I see as a pretty good compromise between disposable and cloth.


  1. I think I need to see some fluff butt :p

  2. Ha! I was realizing when writing late last night I didn't have any photos of the tot in these! Might have to work on that!