Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Five - The Chewy Kid's Summer Faves

As we wind down the summer (school starts a week from Wednesday here!) I thought I'd have the Chewy Kid help by making a list of the top 5 things he did this summer!

5) Making a "Can-Jo" and other workshops at Community!Youth Concepts: This week the Chewy Kid got to participate in a couple of free workshops hosted by Community!Youth Concepts in partnership with Metro Arts. Their summer theme the artists are all using is "Green Arts" Professional artists share their knowledge with the kids and then do projects. Today he got to play a washboard, washtub bass, and with a limberjack. Then they made instruments out of items found in recycling tubs. The kids also got the chance to accompany the professionals as they played. It's not the greatest photo, but here he is with his "can-jo"

4) Going to overnight camp at Camp Hantesa: This was his second summer to head off for a week of resident camp - and I think it was a bit easier on all of us! He had a great time, he loves doing drama, although I'm pretty sure that party night was the highlight of his week. Everytime we visit, all the staff know who he is, I hope that's a good thing!

3) Hanging out: This is the first summer that I haven't worked full-time, and he really had a chance to hang out. Pajama mornings were a favorite.

2) Going to Living History Farms and Blank Park Zoo: While he's been to both of these for field trips in the past - I really think the slower pace and the fact that it was just us, we all got a lot more out of these great local attractions. There was no need to rush, and it was ok to spend an hour playing parlor games in one of the homes on the farms. I hope we can visit both again during the fall. If you missed it, you can check out an earlier blog post on the zoo and farms here.

1) Spending time with the family: When I was working full time in camping, when we were home, it was pretty low key. This summer while we haven't been as active as planned we did go camping, have done some geocaching, and spent some time playing board games and even some Mario Kart.

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