Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Try-it Tuesday - Smartipants

A while ago I mentioned the financial reasons that we choose to use cloth diapers, and I briefly mentioned Smartipants, the brand of diapers that we chose for our stash. I discovered Smartipants through an ad on Facebook when I was first considering using cloth as well as comparing with the brands friends were using and the most prevalent names in modern cloth. After about a month of looking and comparing, talking to and e-mailing friends that used cloth, reading more, crunching numbers and being a bit nervous about "pulling the trigger", I decided to order a complete stash of 24 Smartipants. (7 of the "boy" smart start 3 packs and one "neutral".) The reasons for choosing Smartipants initially?

  • The price - of the "modern" diapers, they were by far the most competitively priced - with three for $36.95 (sale price)
  • Ease of use - They looked and were described as easy to use - Daddy and Grandparent friendly.
  • Snaps and a 2 year guarantee on the snaps
  • One size
  • Inserts come out in the wash!
  • Made in the USA
So once the diapers arrived I got them laundered and stuffed and ready to go. Baby arrived and I was eager to try the diapers - and gave them a go about every week. (The first time was a total disaster - maybe because I also got a "shower" and pooped all over...) and I was finally comfortable with the fit on his one month birthday - and we were done with disposables! While it took awhile to get just the right fit and we had a few leaks at first - we have not had a poop explosion since we said goodbye to disposables!

I did learn pretty quickly that we had a "heavy wetter" so to avoid changing every hour or so, day and night we learned pretty quick about doublers. We doubled with inexpensive pre-folds and sham-wows (ok dollar store sham wow knock offs) for awhile, and then I realized I needed a heavier duty night-time solution. My friends at Little Padded Seats hooked me up with the Loopy do - and told me to use it with my regular insert closest to him, and the loopy do behind. Worked like a charm! (As he's gotten a bit older we've gone to a Super-Do in addition to the regular insert, and use the loopy do's when we are going out and about for a couple of hours.) Our regular day stash are all doubled with either tri-folded micro-terry towels (8 for $5 in the automotive section of your local Superstore) or the large Happy Heiny's hemp ovals placed in the "wet zone" behind the regular insert.

Overall, I've been thrilled with our Smartipants - after almost 9 months of use, they are holding strong - one of the inserts has started to come apart on one end - but it is totally cosmetic - still works great - and only one out of 24 - I can totally live with that. The covers still look great, and there have been no stains either! So, for the after almost 9 months of use, here are the reasons I still use and recommend Smartipants:
  • Easy to use, whether for myself, sitters, family, or even daddy
  • Cost - for the total breakdown, you can check out my previous post here.
  • They look good - I like the simple classic colors and the way my little guy looks in them.
  • No matter how full I stuff them, the stuffins always come out in the wash
  • The "smart sleeve" also makes it easier to stuff
  • They have held up to repeated washings and use
As for things I don't particularly care for...hmm, that's a bit harder but let's see:
  • They aren't carried locally, and I like to support my local retailer, and it makes it harder (shipping/etc.) to place smaller orders if needed
So, they are keeping disposable out of the landfill and off of my baby's bum, they are less expensive, work as good or better than disposables, or other cloth options - I think that gives Smartipants the Chewy Granola Family "seal" of approval! I know it sounds like a paid advertisement, but I did my own research, and bought my own diapers - and think these are a great "chewy" hit.

They have recently posted that we should be on the lookout for a big announcement August 1st. I'm trying not to go too crazy speculating. Please take the time to checkout their website www.Smartipants.com. Even if you don't have kids in diapers, check out the new "modern" cloth diaper - you may be surprised.

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