Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Five - Travel accessories

Back from the first big family vacation with the Chewy Tot. He did great - and thanks to a few items from home - it was a great success.

Snacks He ate plenty of new food - but there were times (like on the airplane) it was good to be able to pull out something familiar that I knew would be a hit. Graham crackers, saltines, and veggie puffs all made the trip. I knew I could get him to munch on these during take off and/or landings and help his ears out.

Diapers we did a mix of our Flip diaper covers with disposable inserts and some leftover Huggies Pure and Natural we had from the diaper rash incident. We used the full disposables on the flights and on excursion days. With the Flips - we hand washed out the covers and hung them to dry each night -- took about 2-3 minutes total. The Disney Cruise Line provided a diaper genie - but what they didn't provide were directions on how to use it - I think we got it figured out by the end of the week...maybe...

Toys I wasn't sure how many toys to bring along. We ended up bringing a couple of small familiar toys, a favorite book and the mini activity center that you can strap on a carseat or bouncy seat. I strapped the the little activity center on the desk drawers and it was a familiar treat. He of course also had access to his other favorite toys - tv remotes, and spoons throughout the trip.

Umbrella Stroller We already have a great, sturdy, deluxe stroller (with cupholders, and a basket to hold all our extra stuff!) But opted to purchase an inexpensive umbrella stroller for the trip. It was easy to carry when needed, and folded up and fit under the bed. We used it at the airport and gate checked it -- easy!

Ring Sling baby carrier When we were hiking, going to/from the stage shows, in buffet lines and just running about - I loved using the ring sling to keep the Tot close. I often call it my "third arm". When we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom he spent a LOT of time in the sling when we'd park the stroller. Honestly, I felt the combination of Umbrella stroller and sling was about perfect! I just might have to do an entire post about how we discovered the ring sling and how it quickly became both the Tot and my favorite carrier!

Overall, I did learn that traveling with a toddler is interesting at best - when you have the chance to let them run around (water play areas, play rooms at the airport, empty hallways, etc.) you need to GRAB IT! I also learned that I packed to much - and can go lighter next time! Overall, it was a great trip for the entire family - and wonder if it's bad that I'm already looking forward to the next one!


  1. You did incredibly well with the baby...and he did well also. It was a long first trip but it was worth it for all of you! Glad we spent that time with you. I'll pass the sling idea to my friend who just had her baby. Where did you get it?

  2. Debi -- I found my sling at a kids consignment store - I was lucky! Mine is a Maya Wrap - but there are plenty of different ones out there. If I were going to buy a new one I would probably check out and search for a ring sling, or if there is a local cloth diaper store, they would probably carry them as well.

  3. Yay! I've been anticipating your post-vacation posts to hear how it went and learn about your tricks and tips. Sounds like it was a success. I look forward to hearing more!