Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talk back Tuesday - Diaper rash

Ok, now that all of the non-parents have tuned out - we're talking diaper rash, and I want to know what has worked for you to get rid of it! We went a year before we got our first diaper rash, and now I'm having a hard time getting it gone! Give me your homemade cream recipes, tips, favorite over the counter remedies, and anything else to help us get through this - I've got one unhappy Chewy tot - and that makes for an unhappy mama.


  1. Desitin has always cleared up Casey's rashes in a day or so. When he has diaper rash we try to change him more often too. In extreme cases we go to the extra strength Desitin and put on night-time diapers for extra absorbancy.

  2. burnt flour was the only thing that worked on aaron when he got those really bad diaper rashes- when grandma white told me i thought she was nuts, but it worked for us- smells horrible, looks horrible, but i finally did it & was glad i did & yes i got an "i told you" from grandma!!- mike

  3. We haven't had much issue yet, but I have referred to this site for what can and can't be used directly with cloth (many impact the absorbency of the fabric and/or stain):

    I received Butt Paste as a baby shower gift and have used it a bit but have been very careful to use a disposable liner (Bummis liners) to protect the cloth.

    So, a mix between using Butt Paste and allowing for LOTS of diaper-free time has worked for our little guy's minor rashes.

    I've also heard adding Aveeno oatmeal bath to bathwater helps, but not sure if that works for severe cases.

    Good luck!

  4. well, after using our dr's mix (which cleared him up the first time he had serious rash)and desitin for awhile - I ditched the liners and went back to our straight diapers (only using the suedecloth ones right now to help with wicking away moisture) changing every 90 minutes or so, and using the Grandma El's cream (cloth diaper safe) and it's clearing up!
    Also doing baking soda baths followed by some "Free time" although free time gets more challenging as they get more mobile!
    Thanks for all the advice -- it will be filed away for future reference for sure!