Monday, November 8, 2010

Mish Mash Monday

Cloth diapering in the news. CBS did an "Eye on Parenting" segment on cloth vs. disposable diapering last week that was pretty much pro-disposable. Considering that the cloth diapers they showed were "old fashioned" Gerbers and they talked about using pins... To be fair, there was a quick mention of newer diapers using "velcro, snaps, or buttons" but none were shown. Well, in the comments of the online posting, the cloth diaper supporters of the world spoke, and the journalist has agreed to give modern cloth diapers a try. Check it out here, and be sure to vote in their poll as to whether you prefer cloth or disposable diapers.

Turns out November is National Peanut Butter Lover's month. Now there is a month long holiday I can get behind! I'll be looking for some new peanut butter recipes to celebrate! Check out for some interesting recipes. Here's a simple one from our home - and a quick breakfast - take a fajita size tortilla, smear with peanut butter and wrap it around a banana. We call it an Elvis Roll Up.

Now, for a "food" product I just can't get behind and will NOT be trying anytime soon... Bacon soda from Jones Soda -- uh, just thinking about it makes my stomach turn. If you want more details or to see some interesting videos of the taste tests check it out here.

This weeks YouTube video may cause you to get a bit weepy, but in a good way... check out this 8 month old as his cochlear implants are activated and he "hears" his mom for the first time. This one has been viral for awhile- (and there have been some debates as to whether or not he was born deaf or lost his hearing) but regardless, it's beautiful.

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  1. Love the video. Our little one just got tubes and the change was marked. I can't imagine the joy this mom experienced!