Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Try-it Tuesday - Rockin' Green!

(For those of you who don't wash diapers, please read on, this is a great detergent for all laundry too!)

When I decided to cloth diaper the chewy tot - -as I did my research, one question that kept popping up was "What laundry detergents are safe for cloth diapers?" I had been using pretty much whatever "free and clear" detergent was on sale (or coupon/sale combo!). My diaper manufacturer said that my detergents were ok, just to use less - so that's what we did. However, after awhile I would notice a funky smell coming from my drier....soap buildup. Yes, I was doing an extra rinse, yes I reduced the amount of detergent even more, and the only thing that would take care of it -- stripping them by washing 3 more times after the detergent cycle to get out all the soap. That's a lot of water, and a lot of time for washing diapers. ***Curious if you have soap buildup in your diapers or other laundry? Take a few clean diapers (or if you don't do the diaper thing a few of your clean bath towels will work) and toss them in the washer without any soap/detergent. Part way through the initial wash cycle take a peek...do you see any soap suds or residue? If you do, you've got buildup.***

I started researching different "cloth friendly" diaper detergents. I came upon the Rockin' Green website - and this video convinced me to give Rockin' Green a try.

About this time I also needed to order some other items I can't get locally, so with the Rockin' Green I qualified for free shipping from Diapershops.com. Once it arrived (of course the morning after I did laundry!) I got ready to "Rock a Soak" which is what they recommend to get the stinkies out. I did a pre-rinse of my diapers and then set the washer for a hot wash, filled it up - put double the amount of soap in, let it agitate for a couple of minutes and then stopped the machine and just let it soak for a few hours. (OK, I would go in and have it agitate a minute or so every hour.) When done, I let it rinse, did another cycle without soap - and into the drier (or on the line for some of the covers) everything went.

When I opened the drier -- I must say it was not totally funk free, but it was so much better, I was sold, and since we've had a few laundry days since then, the funk is pretty much gone! Also, I have greatly reduced my extra rinses. In fact, I'm not sure I even have to do the single "extra" rinse setting on my washer. If I go in during the rinse cycle and look at the water, it's CLEAR!

One thing I was a bit unsure about with Rockin' Green was the different scents. Really? If it rinses clean (ie. no smell) what is the point of scented detergent? Well, it may sound silly, but it makes my laundry closet "happy". I love the smell when I open it up, and it makes me smile. I think it also makes the whole room (the laundry closet is in the "boys" bathroom :) ) smell a bit better! You also purchase specific formulas based on your water type (Hard Rock, Classic Rock, or Soft Rock). It's so logical, you wonder why no one else does it!

Right now we are primarily using the Rockin' Green on diapers (although it is what we packed for our vacation laundry) while I use up the rest of our other detergent, however, I anticipate going to primarily Rockin' Green once we exhaust that supply.

I will say it is a bit more expensive per load -- however, I feel like the cost has been worth it - if for no other reason, I'm using a lot less water and energy by not needing all those extra rinses. It's also made in the USA and phosphate, dioxin, animal product, and petroleum free.

For those of you in the Des Moines area - Little Padded Seats in Valley Junction is now carrying Rockin' Green, and have sample sizes for sale if you just want to give it a try. I was in the other day and had fun using the scent testers available to check out the different scents available.

So, it's been awhile since I've done a review - but as always:

What I really like about Rockin' Green
  • Has cut the time I spend doing diaper laundry in half by eliminated excessive rinses
  • The scents make me smile
  • Small business with a sense of humor (and great use of puns)
  • A detergent I can use on EVERYTHING (also worked well for some handwashing on vacation, and have heard it's a great carpet cleaner too!)
  • Great customer service -- questions answered quickly whether through website, or on Facebook fan page
  • I can get the type that is formulated for my water
Things about Rockin' Green that aren't always so great
  • As a small company experiencing fast growth, there are occasionally growing pains - but they continue to be less and less (a specific formula or scent out of stock for awhile, etc.)
  • Not always easily available (although we now have it local here in DM!) If you need to order online - you need to plan ahead.
  • Because I need to either go to my Natural Parenting store, or order online, I generally end up buying more stuff ;) (OK, definitely not a RnG issue, but reality!)

The best thing? Rockin' Green has agreed to host a giveaway! One reader will win a bag (45/90 loads) of Rockin' Green in the scent/formula of their choice! Only one entry -- please visit their website: http://rockingreensoap.com/ and then leave me a comment here as to what scent you'd like to try. Please have all entries in by Midnight CST November 16th. I will use random.org to select a winner.

While Rockin' Green is providing the prize for this giveaway, I received no personal compensation, samples or product in conjunction with this review.


  1. This sounds awesome for so many reasons! We have such hard water, I love that there is a soap formulated for us. I'd love to try it. All these scents sound amazing, but I'm torn between Lavender Mint Revival and Mötley Cleän.

  2. Well Margaret - look like you are the winner - (that was easy) I'll contact you and Rockin' Green to get you connected