Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Friday - Movie night

Taking the family to the movies is not a frugal activity at all! How can you make movie night at home more of an event?

Tonight we are planning on getting back into our "movie night" routine. Pick a movie we own, or on Netflix (gotta love the live streaming on the Wii!) and we all plan a menu around that. Sometimes it gets stretched a little bit, or the strange sense of humor breaks out! There may be a food from the movie, or something that makes you think of it. With Pirates of the Caribbean, I think we had seafood of some sort, and I know we had some Pirate Booty cheese snacks! We got Chinese take out when we watched Mulan. At 9 - Joey knows where most food comes from, and is growing quite the sense of humor. I can mention Finding Nemo as a possible movie - and he'll get a twinkle in his eye and I know what is going to come next.... Sushi.

I'm looking forward to having this be a summer project for Joey - stretching his imagination, planning meals within a theme and budget, and taking ownership of part of family night. If we don't know much about the movie - sometimes our dinner choices are a bit off - but we have fun anyway.

But what you really want to know... what's for dinner tonight?

Shepherd's Pie
Yorkshire Pudding
Cauldron Cakes
Butter Beer

Any ideas for the movie?

Joey finished the book a while ago - so now we get to watch the movie!


  1. We also do movie night at home! Love that your supper is related to the movie. We sometimes get movies from the library - free rental and you get them for a week! And we always let the kids pick a box of "movie candy" from Walmart - $.99 v. the $4.00 candy at the movies!

  2. I hate to admit it - but we've had this movie from Netflix for almost 2 months... yeah. Life got a bit busy there for awhile. We have done the library before as well. Without cable - we are really enjoying Netflix - and use the "on demand" feature quite a bit now that we can stream on the wii - (well, for a family that doesn't watch a lot of tv anyway.)

  3. We don't have cable, either. And we don't watch TV (I do watch the news on occasion, but that's it). Love the streaming feature of Netflix. And Redbox is a great deal, too!