Monday, June 7, 2010

Try-it Tuesday - Hyland's Teething Tablets

Teething babies - great fun right? Ha! Not that I can blame them. Sharp teeth pushing through your gums - and having no idea what or why it's going on - I'd be crabby too. While visiting our local cloth diaper/natural parenting store "Little Padded Seats" I had seen these on the shelf and was intrigued enough to come home and check them out online. There are plenty of opinions from Hooey to Hallelujah. Step back from opinions and look at research about homeopathy and I'm very comfortable that these are safe - probably safer than "traditional" teething gels. Add in an endorsement by Dr. Jim Sears - one of "America's Pediatricians" and I'm willing to give them a try.
I will admit that after purchasing these - they sat on the counter for a few weeks. Why? Still a little nervous and skeptical honestly. Also, as a first time parent to an infant - not sure when I was going to hit the "bad teething" is this it or does it get worse? Well, one evening after a particular rough afternoon with "Mr. No-Nap" showing several obvious teething signs (drooling, chewing on anything and everything, drool, irritability, more drool, you get the idea) We decide to give them a try and put 2 tablets in his mouth. They dissolved almost instantly and baby's attitude seemed to improve just as quickly. He was asleep within 3 minutes. Now, as a frazzled exhausted parent, you'd think I'd embrace this opportunity to crash as well. Nope. I stayed awake two more hours making sure he was ok. I was a bit scared by how quickly things changed - even though the box told me this could happen.

We still use these sparingly - and the most we have ever used in a day is two doses of two tablets. They only cause him to crash if he's tired, otherwise, the attitude just greatly improves and fussiness is gone. Hey, that's what happens to me when I'm in pain and I take something to relieve it! My family refers to them as Luke's "magic pills" as in, "Sure we'll watch him! Where are the magic pills in case he needs them?" Over the past few months I have seen these carried in several big box stores as well as Baby Stores, Family Dollar - and of course, Little Padded Seats in Valley Junction. Are there babies that have had reactions - quite possible - my baby reacts to cow's milk, does that mean milk isn't good for all babies? With any new medication, food, or topical - we watch to make sure there are no reactions. Please do the same with your own children.

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  1. Hey! We used these and loved them! Jon's sister recommended them to us for Noah after he had his reaction to his first immunization and we didnt want to use anything not "natural". I was still pretty nervous but finally tried them and loved them! No hesitation using them with Jordan and they worked great with her, too! Love the blog! Stay well, love you ~Susan