Monday, June 21, 2010

Mish Mash Monday - Camping

This weekend we went camping with family. It had been almost 2 years since we'd been camping - and at least twice that long since we'd camped in an actual campground. So, on Friday evening - after a day of gathering, shopping and packing, our tent landed at the KOA west of Des Moines on I-80. I will have to admit - having the pool and the fishing pond was very nice with the boys. Joey hit the pool on Friday evening while baby and I watched - and the whole family hit the water on Saturday afternoon. Breakfast always tastes better outside - and somehow - you don't feel too bad about eating too much. Overall it was a great chance to get away from the computer for a little while. I think it's a great family activity and a great way to get outdoors. Do I prefer more rustic camping? Yes, but I did have a good time - and so did the boys and the rest of the family. (Grandpa and Grandma enjoyed their pop up camper too!) Unfortunately, we didn't take a camera - so most of the pictures are in our memories - which is ok too. A couple of our family members had cameras - so I'm hoping we'll get at least a few photos!
What this weekend has challenged me to do is spend more time outside as a family - whether it is hiking, swimming, enjoying nature, or just watching the boys explore.


  1. Just remember to apply and reapply the sun screen, right?

  2. ha ha -- I'm not burnt - and the boys aren't burnt...hmmm....

  3. Bacon and fresh air makes for the best wake up call.
    We had to stop tent camping. Even with an air mattress we were getting too old for it. We have been using the state parks' cabins. Really enjoy those, but the problem is many of them you have to rent for a full week during the "peak season". But most are quite nice.
    Enjoy finding kindling.

  4. very true Carma -- I probably would not still be tent camping if we didn't have a big two room tent that is big enough for the air mattress on the stand so I can get in/out of bed easier - and in a tent tall enough to stand up while getting dressed. We did some cabin camping when we lived in MN - and enjoyed that as well. A lot of youth camps have cabins or rooms available in the spring and fall too.