Sunday, June 6, 2010

What to expect...

Thanks for visiting Chewy Granola Family! Whether you are here because you know me, are intrigued by the title, or are interested in little things you can do to save money and make a difference in how you use your own, and the earth's resources, I'm looking forward to sharing things I've learned. I'm also looking forward to hearing from you and your own ideas as well. I'm expecting to post a few times a week (probably not the same days every week) with themes including:

Mish Mash Monday
Ok, the title is lifted directly from "Mr. Chewy's" Blog: , but I'll handle it a little differently. It will give me the chance to look at a topic that doesn't fit into another day - or share some of our weekend adventures.

"Try it" Tuesday
On Tuesdays I want to review different products or books that fit into the "chewy" lifestyle.

Wordless Wednesday
Yes, several blogs do this - and I can't promise there won't be quick captions, but photos say a lot. Now, I may just have to learn how to upload my own photos and not drive Mr. Chewy too crazy...

Thrifty Thursday
Thrifty and Frugal are not the same as cheap. I love a great deal and the chance to talk about it. You may even find some thrifty recipes and homemade mixes for food and or cleaning supplies.

Family Friday
Family activities and challenges will be the topic. Don't worry, I won't be afraid to "stretch it"!

Simple Saturday and/or Sunday
Quick tips will be most of what you'll see on the weekends. Hopefully something you can take and use right away!

That is where we'll start anyway! Like any smart woman - I reserve the right to adapt as we move on based on how things go!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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