Monday, June 14, 2010

Mish-Mash Monday - Are dumpsters really exciting?

Last week we received notification that our garbage service for our condo association would be changing vendors. Yawn, ok, whatever. Then I read on...."you will no longer need to sort your recyclables" Really? Yippee! I know that seems pretty lame - is sorting that difficult? Yes, and No. We don't have a lot of space so it was a bit of a hassle - but not impossible. Also, with the previous vendor - we only had bins for plastics, newspaper and mixed paper. Well, last week our new dumpster showed up - instead of two big dumpsters for garbage, we now have a single garbage dumpster and a dumpster that is the same size for recycling for each building in the complex.

As a bonus - we can also now recycle more types of paper, glass, tin and aluminum according to this spiffy sticker on the outside.

We do need to train a few of the neighbors though - a lot of cardboard in the garbage dumpster - no more difficult to toss it in the next dumpster.

So, now I'm thinking about how I can do a better job inside now that I only need two receptacles. I'm thinking either a second kitchen trash can would be the easiest/cheapest route to go - although something like this would look really nice.

I also want to find a couple of washable liners to use in the recycle can as well to make it easier to carry out to dump as well as easier to clean. I haven't come up with much on my washable can liner hunt though. How do you collect your recyclables? Do you line your indoor can/bin?


  1. Julie - I love this post! I especially love the dual trash can! The way I deal with recycling at home is...I have a trash can for trash and an old milk crate for recyclables. I don't need to line it because we rinse everything out and let it dry in the sink before we throw it in the recycle crate. Then, we can just grab the crate and carry it out to the recycle bin. If you absolutely want a reusable liner option, though, have you thought about a wetbag?

  2. I did think about a wetbag - and if we were out of diapers I just might use one of our old ones - but Luke is still keeping them in rotation! If it was just the grownups using it - I'd probably get by without a liner - but since we're encouraging Joey to recycle - everything that goes in isn't always clean and dry. Plus - it's his job to carry it out to our great new dumpster.

  3. I totally agree with you, Julie. My neighborhood recently got one of these recycle dumpsters, too, and I was OVERJOYED when I saw plastics 1-7 are allowed. I was downright giddy.

    I found your blog today via Little Padded Seats' post on Facebook and couldn't be more excited! The subtitle alone describes my family well. Looking forward to reading.

  4. Thanks Margaret! I think there are a lot of us out there.