Friday, June 25, 2010

Simple Saturday and Sunday - Cloth Napkins

One of the simplest things we did several years ago was make the switch to cloth napkins. I believe it was in 2003 when we moved into our home in Minnesota. I have to say it was one of our best moves. Why? We have used the same 12 napkins for almost 7 years - so they have definitely paid for themselves. The really don't take anything "extra" to launder - we just wash them with whatever load is going in next (with the exception of diapers, I don't wash them with diapers!) And, to top it all off? They work better than paper napkins. I now hate trying to eat something like fried chicken with paper napkins.
As for initial investment - When seasons change, I've seen some pretty inexpensive cloth napkins (in the $1-2 range) or if you are more handy than I am - I would guess they are pretty easy to make. Also, if you are looking to build a stash, check out restaurant supply stores, or warehouse clubs - Sam's Club sells packs of 24 for just under $19.

So, if switching to cloth napkins saves money, is environmentally sound, and they work better, why don't you give it a try - sounds simple doesn't it?


  1. I've been thinking about doing this for a year now, and I think we are finally going to do it. I love your blog Julie!!!

  2. Thanks! You'll love cloth napkins with little kiddos!

  3. I think we tried cloth napkins (I think I had only 4) and it was okay, but we don't do laundry every day and Brian wanted clean napkins every meal. Silly man. But perhaps, if I can find somewhere to store them, I will look to add more to our meager collection. I did like them better. (especially since we just use a paper towel. Yeah, we are heathens.)