Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Try-it Tuesday - Little Padded Seats

I referenced "Little Padded Seats" located in Valley Junction in last weeks "Try-it Tuesday" and honestly, it will probably come up again, at least a few times in the future, so I decided to take the opportunity to share with you a little bit more about Little Padded Seats, and why I love to shop there. I am so glad that I am lucky enough to have an actual natural parenting storefront where I can go, see and touch product, ask questions, and visit with other people that don't think I'm crazy when I talk about cloth diapers. For those of you that are not local - don't worry, they have a website: www.littlepaddedseats.com. The owners (Lauri and Tommy Ericson) have been a great resource when I've gone in with my questions such as "I have a heavy wetter, is it possible to get through the night?" and "What can I do for diaper rash that won't wonk up my diapers?" They make suggestions and offer information and real life experience but I still feel like I am making my own decisions. I also think it's pretty cool that although we are only in once or twice a month at the most - they ask how we are doing, especially before and after Luke's surgery they checked on his progress and how things were going.

I also appreciate that they are closed on Sunday and Monday. It appears they understand and keep the "family" in family business - not letting it totally take over. It's fun to see their kids in the shop as well.

You can also keep up with them - including their "Manic Monday" online specials on Facebook. They also host free "Cloth Diaper 101" classes and other parent information sessions for those wondering more about making the investment into cloth diapers. Even if you don't have a baby, or cloth diaper - there are other items of note, or that make great gifts including natural toys, clothing, accessories, breastfeeding supplies and more. Be sure to check them out online at www.littlepaddedseats.com or, if you are in the Des Moines area during the day Tuesday - Saturday,(open later on Thursdays in the summer for the Farmer's Market) stop by and see them at their Valley Junction storefront, I'm sure they'll be happy to answer any questions!


  1. Hey, I know you! I'm Jenn from the Boys and Girls Clubs. :-) Cute blog. We're Little Padded Seats fans too.

  2. Hey, I found your blog from Little Padded Seats' Facebook. Aren't they a great little store? My family & I were there for the first time a week ago today.

    I wish that the store had been there when I was cloth diapering, it was really great to feel the products and ask them questions & Tommy seemed really smart about it all. :)

    Are you new to blogging? It's very fun (and a bit addicting) so I wish you luck with it.

  3. Jenn - thought I posted a comment and I must have gotten distracted! Thanks for checking out the blog. Who knew we could talk cloth! Maybe next time I see you. So glad you are enjoying using cloth.

    Laura - I'm new to blogging, but am loving it already! I can see how it can get pretty addicting.

  4. Hooray, glad to see someone giving LPS their proppers!

  5. I LOVE LPS!!! I totally agree with everything you said! They are so nice and friendly, down to earth, REAL people and their kids are wonderful too!! Great blog post.